Tiyul #3 – The Crusader Castle! (so cool it required an exclamation point)

On Shabbat we hiked up a Tel which is situated on the Kibbutz. The Tel is aptly named Tel Tzuba. As it turns out, this Tel has never been really excavated so the top layer of civilization remains on top, ruins jutting out of the hill side. The Tel was most recently the site of a castle built by crusaders, but later captured, refurbishe, and added on to by an Islamic occupational force.

To get there, we walk north from our hotel, past Kibbutz Tzuba’s factory where they make bullet-proof windsheilds.
The castle on the hilltop from far off.
As we walk along the road, we pass come upon a historical marker, which tells us where the trail up the hill starts.
Aaron Altmark is rolling film on all of this.
We passed many bits of castle on our way up such as this, this, and this.
The view from the trail halfway up and some sabra plants. In Texas we call them prickly pears. TomAYto TomAHto.
At the top of the Tel we were greeted by incredible ruins!
This cement or plaster domes was added by an Islamic force after the Cursaders abandoned or were pushed out of the castle.
A cool chunk of wall and some of Tom, our Israeli counselor/gun-toter.
We all just chilled up there for a while.
David Solomon, our Asst. Principal told many bad jokes. He does that from time to time. And by from time to time I mean when ever he can get away with it.
More of the trail up to the Tel.
More chillin out.
Many people decided to perch themselves precariously upon the walls.
One room or tower quite intact.
The ruins were heavily overgrown in some parts.
Kelsey poses, Charlotte takes it slow.
Josh Beale, one of my counselors epicly poses from the rear.
Noa poses in a window.
From left to right: Elana, Jacob, Charlotte, and Ray atop the ruins.
Some idea of the scale in this picture, perhaps.
Un Finale.

Now that was pretty dang cool!

Up Next on This Blog will be “Life and Death at Tel Gezer: Avraham Avinu, Circumcision, and the Historical Record.”

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2 responses to “Tiyul #3 – The Crusader Castle! (so cool it required an exclamation point)

  1. they make bulletproof windsheilds thats awsome

  2. Ah, you’ve met Aron!
    He’s one of my favorites; tell him I said hello.
    Expect mail soon. Is it okay to send little CD mailers, or are those considered packages?
    I miss you!

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