David’s Brain and Ego Are Off Life Support, Recovering Nicely

Sorry if that last post caused anyone alarm. I was not in a good way when I wrote that. I’m much better now, thanks mostly to my friends here. Mac, Narco, Tal, Noa, etc. Thanks, guys.

We had a test B’kitah Ivrit last period. It was hard, but me ego has been boosted my complete lack of wrongness on it.

Every Saturday night they like to take us to some public area with shopping and other fun things. We tried out a new one last night that none of our staff had ever been to. It seemed uncharacteristicly unplanned of them to take us somewhere none of them had been. We went to a boardwalk on the beach somehwhere. One of the side effects of seeing this whole country from a tour bus, bascially anyway, is that I never know where the hell I am. Thus, we found ourselves on this boardwalk with no idea where the boardwalk was in relation to the rest of the world. I had no money. There was no Kaspomat (ATM), which kinda sucked. When we got there I still had not had a Shabbos Coke. My buddy Tal bought me one. I think that was really the truning point in the day. Things started to look up. Too bad the day was pretty much over with by then.

As it turned out, this was a pretty lame boardwalk. There wasn’t much to do–or shop for–so most people kvetched the whole time about how much it sucked. I however, Coke in hand, enjoyed the sand under my bare feet, the wind in my almost nonexistent hair, and my friends. I felt very calmed after a desperately crappy, stressful day.

There were old Israeli men selling illegal Latina Muzika at a stand. It was funny. I’m going to class now.

Long story short, I am better now. Not good, but better.

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Live from Israel: DAVID SUCKS LESS NOW


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