David is now Truly the Lone Star of Jersey

After my trip to Atlanta, I had one day back in Austin to pack, which I did all of in about three hours with Ana and Leslie in my living room doing some last minute chilling. On Wednesday, Dad woke me at dark:00 to go to the airport. The flight was uneventful.

We had the whole day to poke around the Madison/Morristown area in the worst car ever. My Dad, ever sensible, wanted the cheapest car possible from Hertz. They gave him a two door Chrysler sports car, a Crossfire. The central console was arranged like they asked a four-year-old where the buttons should go and we wrenched our backs every time we got in or out of the damn thing. The only thing it was good for were gut-wrenchingly tight u-turns, which came in handy because we kept getting lost and needing to turn around in odd places. Backing up required two people since the back had zero visibility. My Dad just could not get the hang of being an asshole driver enough to drive this car effectively.

A Guide to Meeting Jews During Your First Erev Shabat at College: First, get a friend with a car. Then, go to Whole Foods and buy some chalah. Share it with any Jews you have already met. Spend the rest of the evening carrying it around in a clear bag. Yids gravitate toward that stuff. I met like ten new Jews with the help of my chalah this evening.

In other news, I bought an Artscroll sidur. Don’t anyone have any heart attacks or anything. It is to be used purely as a reference material.

In other other news, an update on the target and a summary of what in God’s name the target is: While in Israel last year, I decided on a system of painting a target and shooting an arrow. What I meant is that I now how I want my ritual life to look and I am trying to get to it. I have written a sidur for use by myself and it works damn well, if I do say so myself. Next step: praying daily. I pledge to pray at least once a day during orientation. I will let y’all know how that goes later.


2 responses to “David is now Truly the Lone Star of Jersey

  1. That damn car! It was so small and poorly configured that there was not room for me and my belt-clipped cell phone to get in and out. After using that car for two days, the phone’s belt clip was destroyed and the phone is so mangled I gotta buy a new one. On the bright side: I get a new phone.

  2. Ah I have been wanting to get an Artscroll for reference too, but that requires taking the time out to drive to the store and buy it, and you know me…

    I like the idea of the challah and will consider using it when I go off to college…

    (I like ellipses)

    I want to see your more completed version of your siddur. And good luck actually praying- I made a pledge like that once and I think it lasted until the next morning when I woke up…

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