I’m Putting my Foot Down

I refuse to greet women I do not know (or women I do know, for that matter) by nestling our cheeks in the same vicinity and making little kissy noises. It looks and feels ridiculous. What the hell’s wrong with a handshake?

In other news, I have decided to be the next Chaim Stern and Lawrence Hoffman all rolled into one.

Shabat Shalom.


2 responses to “I’m Putting my Foot Down

  1. Thanks ever-so-much! I was half very satisfied with a pleasant Shabbas dinner in my lovely sukkah and half on the verge of throwing myself a catered pity party with engraved invitations. Solution? I broke my no-computers-on-Shabbas rule, read this post and then literally laughed out loud.

    Did you not know already? Not about the kissy noises–very American attitude, and nothing wrong with that. I mean about your Destiny.

    BTW, an article on the “Blog” was in the Austin American-FishWrapper this week. It seems to be the punctuation blog du jour….

  2. Good thing you’re not full of yourself.

    But, yes, about the kisses, I agree.

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