I drank Coke today

This is what happened last time I drank Coke on a weekday. That was a little over a year ago, shortly after I declared that I would only drink Coke on Shabat from thence forth. I have now broken that rule a second time. No explosions have yet occurred.

Last night I was sitting the office of the Acorn, the University’s newspaper, copy editing. I was doing this straight through to the wee hours of the morning. One of the senior staff members announced that she was going out to a vending machine and inquired if anyone would like anything. I announced, quite without thinking, that I would like a Coke. I felt a sudden craving for my Shabat beverage. She went to get the Coke. I started to worry. As noted, last time I drank Coke on a weekday my head was nearly removed from my neck and some drapes became severely stained. She returned. I drank the Coke. Nothing happened.

Here’s my reasoning for why this entire episode is not as dishonest as I was worried it is: It’s Sh’mini Atzeret, the final day of Sukot and a holiday unto itself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does that not mean that today is actually a Shabat, thought not the Shabat? If so, then I think I was completely right to drink Coke last night.

And right now. I’m drinking Coke right now.


2 responses to “I drank Coke today

  1. Yom Kippur is a complete day of rest; you don’t have a Coke then! I guess it has that add’l self-denial factor, though.
    Hertz says ‘no servile work is to be done’ today. (I hope nothing I’ve done since getting home from services is servile.)
    Since SUkkot is supposed to be nothing but joy, I’m in favor of letting it slide by, except for the whole high-fructose corn syrup thing….

  2. You’re taking the good of Shabbat (coke) without the bad (rest). Unfair.

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