Um. So. Go here.

I need one of these desperately.

I can’t even deal with this.

Goodness gracious.


7 responses to “SAY-A-BLESSING!

  1. For when you have laryngitis?

    Actually, I’ve been looking for a replacement light for my keychain…

  2. So, I definitely thought that this was a gag at first, but no, they have other products. That is truly amazing. So when do you want it, for passover, your birthday?

  3. hilarious. thanks for the tip:-)

  4. Passover’s not really a gift-giving occasion. Plus it doesn’t say any passover-related stuff.

  5. Hey, it’s missing your bracha for Coke. Probably just an oversight.

  6. you and david should just merge blogs.

  7. what? me and singer? why?

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