Notes from class

Two quick things today, both from classes.

From my Hebrew class: Did you know that in modern Hebrew techelet, the word use for the type of blue that on strand of a tzitzit is supposed to be, has come mean simply sky blue?

From Religions of Japan and China (totally unrelated to the usual topics of this blog): Professor Johnathan Gold, who teaches the class was decribing today the personality of Confucius. “Confucius,” he said, “is not the kind of buy who would wake up the morning after a big kegger and just eat the cold leftover pizza on the coffee table.”


2 responses to “Notes from class

  1. I have no idea what that says about his personality except that he agrees with me that cold pizza first thing in the morning is not a good way to start the day.

  2. The point is that Confucius was into making the most socially “appropriate” choices at all times.

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