And you shall piss these words which I command you this day on your trees

This post is about m’zuzot. I have previously written about m’zuzot here.

Two things led to this post: One is the arrival in the mail of the three m’zuzot that my house ordered to place on the two entrances to the house and the kitchen doorway. The other was a discussion in my Human Evolution class about how lower primates use odors and urine to mark their territory.

My non-profound thought about this: What if m’zuzot are just a more culturally evolved version of the urge to piss on trees to mark them as ours?

The real reason for this post is that I just wanted to use the above graphic.

I apologize for this post.


6 responses to “And you shall piss these words which I command you this day on your trees

  1. Must be a Jewish squirrel.

  2. Robert Anton Wilson said that human primates – like other primates – also use liquid squirts… but instead we use ink squirted on paper. You’ve tied his theory back to urine rather well!

  3. Seems like more of a MOT marker than a personal identifier, except for bizarre instances like my back gate.

    When I’m going to someone’s house for the first time, I take a mezzuzah as a pretty good sign that I’m approaching the correct front door–when I know the resident is Jewish. If I didn’t know, it makes for an interesting topic of discussion.

    But then, mezzuzot are relatively rare around these parts. In Jerusalem, it might not be quite as useful.

  4. Dad – Right. Except that it’s a monkey. Not a squirrel. A monkey.

    Huw – That’s very interesting. I feel clever now.

    Mom – In J’lem, you know more from the lack of a m’zuzah than the presence of one.

  5. Re the squirrel-mezuzah picture: How do you spell ‘sacreligious’?

    Re inter-denominational events with Muslims: By now, many understand that Islam today, with very few exceptions, wishes to destroy the Jewish people and many thousands of Jews have been slaughtered by them just in my lifetime. It is insanity to phrase this onw-way hatred as ‘the three religions don’t get along with each other’ or some other equivalent mealy-mouthed term.

  6. Joseph – How is it sacregligious? It’s a joke. Nothing more. (And it’s a monkey. Not a squirrel. A monkey.)

    As for interdenomnational events with Muslims, I wish you would’ve posted a comment about this on the actual post that is about that topic, but we can do this here just as easily.

    Islam is not out to destroy the Jewish people. Islam is the religion of billions of people world-wide. Those people include Arabs, yes. And Palestinians, yes. And Thais and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Canadians and Germans and Americans and, yes, law-abiding Israeli citizens. It is a religion, which like any other religion, like Judaism and like Christianity, is open for the interpereting.

    The fact that unscholarly men like Osama bin Laden and thos of his ilk are now embarking on fundamentalist readings of the Qur’an does not make them the majority. In fact, the vast majority of Muslim jurists and legal experts do not agree with those fundamentalist readings.

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