These last two nights we were born as a child-nation, emerging from the narrowness of Mitzraim, Egypt, where we gestated. And over the next 50 days, as we do every year, we will mature. And upon maturing, 50 days from now, God will reveal to us the laws that have made a complete nation and have made us the only ancient near eastern state religion to survive, with relevance, into modernity.

I want to count the Omer this year, but I’ve demonstrated to myself multiple times that daily prayer doesn’t quite happen for me, so this year I’ll be attempting to count the Omer here, on this blog.

ט”ז בניסן, א’ של חול המעוד

היום יומ אחד לעמר


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  1. You know … you *could* sign up for the daily reminders at Chabad.org. That’s what I did, cuz I knew I’d probably end up forgetting.

  2. Yeah, but that would mean two things:
    1, it would mean I signed up fro something at Chabad.org, to which I’m morally opposed. I could also sign up at OU.org, to which I’m not morally opposed, but didn’t do anyway because…

    2. I want to count it in some sort of proactive creative way.

  3. yay! can’t wait to read….

  4. phyllis – glad you’re excited.

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