29 and weirdness at Zilker Park

Today is day 29 of the Omer. Lab Ba’omer approaches.

On Shabat, couple of days ago, I was walking in Zilker Park (think Austin’s Central Park) and this typical UT frat type in an SUV rolls down his window and yells, “Dude, why are you wearing tzitzis? It’s Shabbos!”

Hold the phone. What? In what way is this question not non sequitor? Can anyone shed light on what this guy was thinking?

And now, the Omer:


3 responses to “29 and weirdness at Zilker Park

  1. Totally weird question! How could anyone know what those fringes are called and think wearing them on Shabbat is weird?

    So here’s my question: Why is my Hebrew date minder in Firefox suddenly going all holiday mode and saying it’s Pesah sheni? I hate transliterations; could that possibly mean a second Passover on the day before Lag Ba:omer? Am I supposed to be doing or not doing something today?

  2. My guess? He’s thinking that its like tefillin. Probably the result of a distantly remembered conservative Jewish upbringing.

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