31 and this blogger gets put in his place

Day 31!

So I’ve been exchaning messages with a well-known JTA staffer. You may recall my rather harsh treatment of JTA recently. This is just so say, sorry. That was probably all pretty unnecessary. The staffer I’ve been communicating with tells me that all of my criticisms stem from a total failure to understand the way that the JTA views it’s blogging. They’re probably right.

And now, dear readers, the Omer:


4 responses to “31 and this blogger gets put in his place

  1. This post makes me curious if you’ve come to any greater understanding or if you’ve just accepted that perhaps you don’t. If you have, I’m sure we’d all love to hear.

    BTW, cool beans! Sorry….

  2. That I don’t what? I’m confused.

  3. That you don’t understand the way that JTA views its blogging

  4. I do understand now. Though, I’m not totally convinced that they follow this view 100%. Sometimes I get the sense that its a tad editorialized, like I expect from a blog. They don’t see it that way, though.

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