48 and a week from Kutz

Today is the 48th day of the Omer. It looks like I may acutally make it to a full 49 days straight of daily posting. Gosh.

A few hours short of one week from now, I’ll be back at Kutz, welcoming Shabat amongst friends and colleauges. It will be the beginning of staff week, as we prepare for another summer of broadening the minds, souls, and intellects that will, hopefully, be the future of the Reform movement; but, truthfully, if we succeed, we’ll just be broadening the minds, souls, and intellects that will be the future of whatever they deem it worth their time being the future of.

For those just joinging us here in my life, my first summer at Kutz was truly a broadening experience. I met a few key people there who irrevocable altered the course of my life. That first summer at Kutz, I decided that Judaism would be my carreer. My second summer, I studied liturgy seriously for the first time. My favorite corners and topics of this blog are the product of that. My third summer, this time as staff, I became massively disillusioned with the entirety of Big, Institutional Judaism.

It is with great trepidation that I return to Kutz. After last summer, I swore up and down to anyone who would listen that I wasn’t coming back. Last summer, Kutz was the sight of heartbreak, intellectual stress, cynicism, hypocrisy, and mistakes for me and for the people around me. I felt as if I could see the entire place falling down around me. All year, tremendous rumors of Kutz’s impening closure swirled and I knew I wouldn’t be able to deal, emotionally, with being at Kutz during its final summer.

Still unable to tell whose information is correct, the rumors still swirling, and with new management in place at Kutz, I’m returning anyway. But it will all be worth it to be in the room in the picture at the top of this post at at least just a few more times.

And now, the Omer:


2 responses to “48 and a week from Kutz

  1. Umm can I have that picture?

  2. Remind me next week and I’ll give it to you. I have several like it that I took one afternoon.

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