49 and done!

So here we are. Today is the 49th and final day of the Omer. It’s been quite a ride. To all of my regular readers, thank you. The pressure from y’all that my brain concocted to post everyday kept me posting for all of the 49 days of the Omer. For a full assessment of what this daily ritual has meant for me, I suggest reading the post I contributed to RJ.org the other day.

By way of a post for today, I’ll continue my chain of recent posts about new acquisitions. I was at Half Price Books today. I looked through the Judaica section, as I always do when I’m at Half Price Books. Disappointed by a lack of cheap, used volumes of My People’s Prayer Book, I was about to leave the section when I saw these:

For those not familiar with the Jewish Catalog series, they are based upon the Whole Earth Catalog series of hippie, how-to-survive-the-collapse-of-civilization guides. The Jewish Catalog, is bascially a how-to guide to being Jewish with no authorities or craftspeople to ask. Because of this woman, who, by the way, is a great professor and taught me a lot about what she was there to teach, I’ve become convinced of late that society is basically on the verge of collapse a la Road Warrior.

Rather than do something prudent about this, like buy a set of the Whole Earth Catalog, I’ve become intensely and neurotically worried about the plight of Judaism will be in such a situation. I wouldn’t know what do if I, say, needed a new talit, and could neither buy one online, nor Google how to tie tzitzit. Now that I have the Jewish Catalog, I have all of that sort of how-to knowledge at my fingertips.

That is, at least I’ll have that knowledge at my fingertips as long I can still carry the books with me in my backpack as I flee the burning city and head overland to start an isolated, utopian kibutz beyond thunderdome in the post-apocalyptic desert of the real left behind when the world ends.

And now, dear readers, for the last time, the Omer:


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