“Your bloggers will be my bloggers…”

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I just got off the phone with my newest blogosphere friend, Avi Montigny, Project Coordinator of JewsByChoice.org.

JBC, for those who have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the site, is a group blog written by a group of Jews of a variety of denominations, all of whom happen to be converts. The JBC blog has quickly become one of my favorites in a crowded field of Jewish blogs competing for my attention in my RSS reader every day.

But Avi had troubling news for me. Try as he might, he is having trouble finding liberal religious bloggers to contribute to JBC. Avi is particularly interested in keeping a host of diverse bloggers blogging on at JewsByChoice.org.

So Avi came to me looking for help finding some converts to blog with him. So I’m coming to y’all. If you are (or if you know anyone who is) a Reform Jewish convert who might be interested in blogging about issues facing the convert community and the larger Jewish community, about positively defining yourself as a Reform Jew, and about Jewish pluralism, AVI WANTS YOU!

And the size of the audience is pretty good too. Avi tells me that JBC just topped 10,000 page views per month, which is a major milestone for a blog on any topic, especially such a niche topic as JBC has.

So if you’re interested, or you think you might be interested, but want to learn more, you can email Avi at jbctalk at gmail dot com or of the JBC Contact Page. Think about it, you gerei tzedek!

And remember the immortal words of Sefer Ruth, “Your bloggers will be my bloggers and your internet will be my internet.”


5 responses to ““Your bloggers will be my bloggers…”

  1. Thanks for the chat and the help today David! With a little luck it generate a few leads!

  2. My name is Michael, I’m not Jewish by birth however I have been living as a black hatter frum man since the age of 18 years old until about last year. I take this very seriously. I have known Chabad Rabbis for quite some time however as he is Chabad and are busy with other tasks he is unable to do giyrus work.

    I would just like to give you a little background if I may. I’m 23 years old, I’ll be 23 next Monday. I come from a secular background, I live in Brooklyn at the moment. I can read Hebrew, (speak a little as well). I don tallit Katan, daven and perform the nessecary brachas daily. I study as much as possible in various areas of the city. I mainly study with Lubavitch and Breslover and on occassion with Charedi. I’m also a student in college downtown Brooklyn and I’m too graduate in May. I have grown up around Judaism, I started going to a masorti/conservative shul when I was in my early teens and it helped give me a good basis or starting point I believe.

    I would like now to ask you two questions. I know a local Conservative/Masorti Rabbi who says he will be able to convert me. I have been in that shul for some time and I think he was really impressed. My good friend, also a ger, tells me I’m crazy and should just wait for the Orthodox conversion. I would someday like to make Aliyah so now I’m not sure If I should take the conservative and upgrade it to Orthodox at a later date. Is this faulty logic on my part at all, what would my status be in Israel I mean can I at least claim law of return ?

    Also, I seem to be having trouble convincing the local Bet Din (orthodox) to convert me yet I kow I’m ready because I’ve been studying since I was 16. What exactly might I want to do ?

    Thank you very much and I hope to talk soon, God Bless

    • Michael, as far as Israel, that is all in flux. There’s no real answer right now.

      As for me, I believe that if you want to convert, you should convert with the Jews you believe to be the best Jews for you to convert with. Though I think that Conservative Judaism is just as legitimate a form of Judaism as any of the many Orthodox flavors of Jewish life, if you their legitimate-ness isn’t palpable to you, wait until you (and whichever Orthodox Jews you prefer) are ready to do it that way.

  3. P.S

    You can contact me for an answer if you would be so kind at : Chaplin1987@aol.com

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