I put together my own Lulav! (kind of)

This year, intoxicated by the coolness of the videos at this post at Jewlicious, I decided that I wanted to not only get my own Lulav and Etrog, but that I wanted to assemble the Lulav myself. Jonathan Golden, a professor here at Drew and our wonderful Hillel adivsor, had his brother, a Sephardic rabbi, pick up the parts for me in Brooklyn while he was picking up several other peoples’ sets of Sukot magic rain stick wand things.


Demonstrating a zealous Lulav-shaking technique.

Demonstrating a zealous Lulav-shaking technique.


The Rabbi put it together Sephardic-style. This involved a single-cradle handle thing. The Ashkenazic version that we see most often in the US, has three parts that hold the palm, willow, and myrtle seperately. The Sephardic version has a single-compratment braided handle that all three plants go in together. He’d also put it together with three rings of palm, holding the palm branch together, as it’s supposed to be. The rings, however, were also put together in a different Sephardic way. I, still excited from the video at Jewlicious, decided to do my own Asheknazic rings, as the video instructs.

It was tons of fun. Thanks to Jonathan Golden and his brother for gettin the stuff to me. Thanks also to housemate Chris Damujian (christian) for letting me use his camera and to housemate Mays Zubair (muslim) for taking some of the pictures. Also thanks to Kate Noland (pagan) and Sarah Maple (catholic) for listening to me ramble about the purpose of my big rain stick. Now that’s ecumenical!

For the details on my assembly fun, check out this Facebook photo album. Though it is on Facebook, it is accessible to the public. Chag Sameach!


4 responses to “I put together my own Lulav! (kind of)

  1. So sayeth Jonathan Golden: “Hey David,
    That looks great. In the blog it certainly sounds alot more fun than it was braiding those things last night at Midnight! But there is a lot to be said for making your own. We actually made a nice workshop out of it tonight. next year we should actually plan on braiding the baskets together too! Basket weaving 101 – my Dad always said that was my major….
    And please conisder the lulav/etrog Hillel’s gift to our friends in Spirituality House.

  2. Dear,

    My name is spelled, Mays.

    And thank YOU for doing the rain dance.


  3. It’s fixed. Thanks for the correction, Mays.

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