Chanukah – Day 1 – Stealing a miracle

It’s no secret that Chanukah is my favorite Jewish holiday and that I am a big apologist for what many have called America’s over-attention to a minor holiday. To celebrate Chanukah here at The Shuckle, I’ll be trying to post about Chanukah every day for the next eight days.

By way of this first day’s post, I’ll relate to you the absurd tale my Dad told me over the phone last night.

Back home, in Austin, our synagogue’s sisterhood has a gift shop. Like sisterhoods do. And in this gift shop, one thing they sell is electric menorahs. This gift shop has an exterior window. A few nights ago, someone broke into the gift shop through the window. They stole nothing but three electric menorahs.

A block or two away, in the neighborhood behind the synagogue, a neighbor noticed someone plugging electric menorahs into an outside electrical outlet. They thought this was odd behavior, so they called the cops. By the time the cops had arrived, the menorah thief had sped off on his getaway bicycle.

How completely strange is that?

Chappy Chanukah


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