Jewschool, hits in the 200s, and a great start to the semester [updated 2/1]

Kung Fu Jew, one of the many bloggers of Jewschool, asked me recently to write a post for them about tzitzit. So I did. And now it’s up. Jewschool is one of the major, big-deal, important jblogs out there. They kind of helped invent jblogs. This has me feeling pretty excited and pretty vindicated. And this is their motto: “Prying Judaism from the lifeless fingers of the Jewish establishment and serving it up to the public with the insistence, ‘This belongs to you.'”

Also, between two link this week from also important jblog Mah Rabu, a link from the LimmudNY homepage, and some pretty damn good posts, hits are up here at The Shuckle. Monday, 131 people saw this blog. On tuesday, 278 saw it! That’s over 100 more than my previous best day ever. Wednesday went down to 203 and Thursday popped back up to 220. So far today, 95 people have seen The Shuckle, which is much closer to my normal numbers.

In other news, my classes are great, I moved into a single room here in Spirituality House, I just put out a great Life & Arts section in this week’s issue of The Acorn, and I’ve got a new episode of Battlestar Galactica to look forward to tonight. 

To sum everything up, life is damn good. Shabat Shalom.

[Update as of Sunday afternoon, Febraury 2: This blog has now enjoyed a full seven days of over 100 hits per day!]


One response to “Jewschool, hits in the 200s, and a great start to the semester [updated 2/1]

  1. Thank you for sharing the details. I found the details incredibly helpful.

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