After everything that happened at LimmudNY this year, several LimmudNYnyks wanted to go have fun at a Limmud we didn’t have any responsibility for. LimmudPhilly to the rescue! Of ocurse we all immediately signed up for shifts as volunteers because we’re just gluttons for punishment.

It looks like registration is still open on their webiste, though the event is this coming weekend. It’s their first year, so it’s a one-day event beginning Saturday night and ending Sunday evening. I’ll be there the whole time and so will my mother! So come chill with us this weekend.


2 responses to “LimmudPhilly!

  1. David,

    Thank you for comign to LimmudPhilly. You helped birng the Limmud Vibe and your help Saturday night at the Help Desk and stuffing registration packets was much needed. I can’t wait to come to LimmudNY next year. Thank you again.

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