Mishkan T’shuvah?

The following e-mail arrived in my life via the iWorsphip e-mail list today.

Just wanted to let you all know that the CCAR is beginning a process which will culminate the publication of a new Machzor (High Holy Day prayer book) in several years. It will be modeled after Mishkan T’filah.

A zisen Pesach-a sweet Passover,
Sue Ann

Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman
Director, Department of Worship, Music and Religious Living
Union for Reform Judaism

That’s right, folks. So much I could say. But maybe I’ll just uncharacteristically bite my tongue here.


9 responses to “Mishkan T’shuvah?

  1. They had just better retain highlights of Gates of Repentance such as “Lunar cold invades us” and “the gates of wonder and zest”.

  2. Hrrmm. I missed that, having confused it with the Gates of Awe question.

    I have a question for you . . . was going to ask it on list, but here’s as good a place as any – Is MT the first Reform Siddur to include Birkat HaGomel?

  3. BZ, damn straight. Although, don’t get your hopes up. MT didn’t keep tremendous bits of GOP like, “We are but grains of sand on the shore of God,” or whatever else as in the puppies and aspens service.

    Rich, I don’t know for certain because my full collection (and my heart) is in Texas and I am at the edge of Northeast.

  4. Larry Kaufman

    As someone who had at least twenty years of HHD with UPB, and how many has it been with GOR, my question is whether Mishkan T’shuvah will appear in my lifetime.

    Note: I am not privy to the CCAR’s thinking about the new machzor, so the suggested name is at most my trial balloon.

  5. Larry Kaufman

    Oops, just noticed that David beat me to Mishkan T’shuvah. Great minds!

  6. This would have to be the name!

    Gates of Prayer=T’filah=Mishkan T’filah

    Gates of Repentance=T’shuvah=Mishkan T’shuvah

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