How is a portable sukah an innovation?

Crossposted to Jewschool.

So the sukah is a remembrance of wandering in the desert and living in portable structures, right?

Tablet suggested on Tuesday a remarkable invention–a portable sukah. Either this is the biggest “no duh” invention in Jewish history, or it’s truly innovative. Think about it. We build these structures to commemorate a nomadic existence, but then leave them in one place for the duration of sukot.

Tablet has this to say about their dubiously-innovative innovation:

In advance of Sukkot, we reached out to architects and designers and asked for contemporary reimaginings of the sukkah. Charles and Julian Boxenbaum, the father-and-son duo behind BUZstudios … [have] delighted us yet again—this time with their portable SukkahSeat.

I’ll admit. It’s pretty cool. I kind of want one. Full story here.


6 responses to “How is a portable sukah an innovation?

  1. I could fulfill the mitzvah on my lunch break.

  2. At the copy of this post at Jewschool, commenter “dd” points out, “Not only it not an historical innovation, it’s not even a modern innovation has been around for quite a few years.”

    Pretty cool that someone is actually producing these things.

  3. these are sooooooo cool!!!! maybe i will actually be able to have a sukkah next year…we’ve never had the time to build one. If only I had seen this before sukkot this year.

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