Which sidurim I use and where

I just noticed that I’ve started behaving in some standard ways when it comes to which sidurim I use and where I use them.

I bring the Koren Hebrew-English with me wherever I go. If I don’t want to use the sidur of choice where I am for any reason, I use Koren.

So if the sidur of choice is Mishkan T’filah, I use Koren. I’ll also keep an MT in the seat next to me in case I wanna look at something.

If it’s Sim Shalom and I can plan ahead, I’ll bring my compact copy of Or Hadash, Reuven Hammer’s brilliant commentary edition of SS. If I don’t have time plan ahead, I’d rather not use SS because it’s so big and hard to use standing up. So I use Koren, which is so compact and perfect for praying while standing.

If it’s Siddur Chaverim Kol Yisrael, I’ll use it except for during the Amidah, when I’ll switch to Koren because CKY is rather large.

Same as CKY goes for Siddur Eit Ratzon.

I think I’m going to that gay synagogue in NYC on Friday. I happen to own a copy of their sidur, so I’ll just bring that with me and give it a test-drive.


9 responses to “Which sidurim I use and where

  1. Sim Shalom hard to use standing up? That must be the complete edition. I use the weekday or shabbat edition, and find it quite nice in the hand. Think I would find Koren/Sacks too much of a brick to use one handed.

    • The only edition of SS I own is the compact version of Or Hadash. I used to own the super-tiny one, which was fine. So generally, when I go to a place where SS is in use and I don’t have OH with me, they have the gigantic Gates of Prayer-sized one.

      I have the smallest version of Koren, so it’s super-tiny.

  2. how small is the smallest version of koren? i’ve thought of buying one just cause i think they’re super cool looking and have beautiful typeface, but compared to rinat yisrael, i also feel like it’s just way too heavy for real davening.

  3. “I’d rather not use SS because it’s so big and hard to use standing up.”

    I don’t get this.

    The soft cover, personal size Siddur Sim Shalom is the same size as the Koren Hebrew-English and the standar soft-cover ArtScrolls, 4×6.5 inches.

    Get it here: https://secure.uscj.org/bookservice/BookDetail.asp?item_id=208&author=&category_id=21&name=&pricemax=&pricemin=&

    • But then I’d have to buy it. The issue is that I always have Koren with me because I like it better than SS so if I go somewhere where SS is in use, I don’t pick it up partially because they always have the titanic version.

  4. “If I’m going to the gay synagogue…” How much more insensitive could you get!? The place you speak of is known as CBST and is the largest gay centered congregation on the East coast.

    You took the time to talk of the other branches siddurim and why you dis/like them!, but no mention of CBST’s siddurim – “B’chol L’vav’cha” (With All Your Heart). Why? Are you not ready to say that this particular book is different or better, especially to those for whom it is written?

    As a gay man who is Jewish both in a religious and cultural sense, your blatant dismissal is sad, especially when it comes from a learned man! Celebrations and Prayers for the LGBT community are necessary, needed, and desired. As with all communities, there are variations of what should or should not be included, as is the norm. But prayers for those who died are always important; and of the eight LGBT siddurim-all include the Jews who died in the Holocaust! And have special prayers for those who have died of HIV/AIDS! Only the Reform Movement’s siddurim have prayers for the victims of the Holocaust and by extension, homosexuals.

    When you make recommendations, please don’t skip over this large section of Jew who practice.

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