International Mishy T?

On the Wikipedia page about Mishkan T’filah, I found this:

A World Union for Progressive Judaism edition of Mishkan T’filah is being developed that will reflect the more traditional approach often taken by English speaking Progressive Jewish communities outside the United States of America. This edition of Mishkan T’filah will also be sensitive to the experience of Jews living in the Southern Hemisphere (particularly Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) where traditional liturgical seasonal references relating to the Land of Israel are out of step with local weather cycles.

Anyone know anything about this notion? Any attribution? Anything?


9 responses to “International Mishy T?

  1. Don’t know about the Southern Hemisphere, but in Great Britain the Movement for Reform Judaism just issued a new edition of their sidduer Seder Ha-t’fillot and Liberal Judaism also has it’s own siddur Lev Chadash

  2. Can’t you phone their office and ask?

  3. The recent issue of the “Reform Judaism Magazine” announces a special edition of the Mishkan for the southern hemisphere Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. I would rather say, it is a “localized” edition, but not an “international” one. Especially UK has its own (fantastic) siddur, as Isak mentioned. You really should have a look into “Seder ha Teffilot”.

  4. David, Yepp, my first thought was, you own the Lev Chadash, sorry.

    Here is an australian website with an announcement. I guess it will be updated later on:'filah.htm

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