Your semi-annual David’s mood indicator. And the mood is good.

Life is good. So sit on the toilet and drink some gin.

I try to keep this blog on topic, posting only about liturgy and Reform here. But a few times a year, I do a little David mood indicator post. And as my summer winds down and I get ready to head back to Drew in a couple of weeks, I thought it was time for one of those.

And the mood is good.

Despite the fact that The Acorn has, apparently, no news editor going into the fall, my relationship with the paper has never felt better. I’m gonna be Features Editor, and my weekly column, which is the most fun I’ve ever had with anything at school, marches on.

A few months back I told New Voices Editor Ben Sales that his twitter was fucked up. Now I’m writing and editing for him and we’re calling this Editor at Large. And I’m gonna start getting a stipend for continuing to do the things I’m already doing. Ben and I just started a new blog feature called The Reading List, a daily round-up of news and links from around the Jewier corners of the web.

And here’s the coolest bit. Larry Yudelson from Ben Yehuda Press noticed that I had been blogging quite a bit about the ADL’s recent spasm about the thing that is neither a mosque nor located at Ground Zero. So he asked me if I’d like to write about that as a part of a new series of extremely short books he’s going to publish on a wide range of Jewish topics. By short, I mean 8,000 words. So really short. But it’s a book nonetheless. And he’s going to pay me in real money.

Last night I used the phrase “my publisher” and almost shat myself.


5 responses to “Your semi-annual David’s mood indicator. And the mood is good.

  1. I love everything about this post. So happy/proud of you! Also, love the photo and caption hehe

  2. OH MY GOSH! i am going to be housemates with a famous author! but even being famous doesn’t get you off dish-duty…. i am so proud of you david in the morning!

  3. Congrats dude! This is awesome. Hope all goes well :-).


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