Some blog housekeeping

To the regular readers:

WordPress, the wonderful group of genuises who host this blog and who created the CMS that I use to create this blog, added a new feature recently and I’m wondering what y’all think about it.

While I’m writing a new post, the new feature suggests links. Most of these links come from Wikipedia. For instance, while writing this post, this feature has so far suggested links to WordPress, Wikipedia and CMS. I just click on this suggestions and–poof–the links appear in the text of the post.

I am big on linking back to old posts by me or someone else in my posts. Do these new links look to y’all like those and then you find yourself clicking off to a Wikipedia entry you don’t really want to read? Or are they helpful? Or could you really not care less?



10 responses to “Some blog housekeeping

  1. I’m irrationally loyal to blogspot, but I have to say I really like that idea. I like to link back a lot too. Especially since my blog is focused on conversion and will likely be read by people just becoming familiar with Jewish tradition and still learning the vocab, etc., the wikipedia links would be incredibly useful.

    Here’s hoping this diffuses out into the larger blogosphere in the near future.

  2. I don’t care for them, because they are often misleading. For example, consider the following sentence from a recent post:

    Though UPBII excluded Un’taneh Tokef on Rosh Hashanah, GOR inserted it as a “Meditation” preceding the Kedushah in the Rosh Hashanah Shacharit Amidah

    Now “Amidah” was linked, which made me think it would click through to a a discussion of the RH Shacharis Amidah, or to the text of the Amidah in Gates of Repentance or to a post where you consider it. Instead it links to a Wikipedia article the Amidah (that incidentally has a number of inaccuracies in it).

    I think that someone who made it this far in that particular story would know what an Amidah was, and would feel frustrated because the link was not particularly relevant to the topics you had at hand (the Amidah in different machzorim, the Amidah on yontif, the Amidah in Gates of Repentance, etc.

    I want to click on relevant links as I go through your articles, but these Wikipedia links are not actually that relevant.

  3. I like being guided to the posts you refer to — but I don’t need to be guided to a Wikipedia article about CMS. On the other hand, a Wikipedia article on the subject actually under discussion might be helpful.

    • I can’t really tell what you’re saying. Are you saying that in this post in particular you’d like a link to something else relevant or that on my posts in general you’d like links to relevant topics? And if it’s the latter, would Wikipedia articles or similar links be the kind of links you’re thinking of?

      • Paarticularly after reading the other comments, I’d say no links that you can’t vouch for.
        And that aren’t really germane to what you’re writing about. Most of your readers are sufficiently familiar with your environment, that if you’re writing about Sara Hurwitz, they don’t need a link to YCT.

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