Hey, Nakedhead! The David A.M. Wilensky Story

I went to Limmud NY 2011 and wrote a lot of posts about it. Here’s a guide to them.

While at Limmud NY this weekend, I did a lot of hanging out with Mixed Multitudes blogger and author of the forthcoming dirty children’s book “There are no Baths at Camp” Tamar Fox. (Her posts at MM about Limmud NY are here and here.)

Tamar is on this kick–and I am now too–where she likes to take things said about or by a person and assert that the phrase should be the title of their biography or whatever.

The best one this weekend came in the middle of the Traditional-Egalitarian Shabbat morning service. I stepped out into the hallway for a minute in the middle of the Haftarah to get some water. When I came back, a rather deranged looking, older gentleman with tremendous eyebrows said to me, in a rather deranged sounding voice–mind you, in the middle of Haftarah reading and a normal volume–the following:

“Hey, nakedhead! Where’s your kippah!?” Not in the mood for this conversation at this moment, I walked right past him and said, quietly, “I don’t wear one.”

“You don’t wear one!?”


Then he stood behind me and made gross mouth noises during the entirety of the Prayer for the State of Israel.

I later saw him harass a teenage girl about the strands of techelet in her tzitzit–still in the middle of the repetition of Musaf.

For the rest of the conference, he kept puttering around near me, making occasional eye contact with me like he wanted to continue the charming conversation I had so rudely ended earlier. I just gave him threatening looks and he moved on.

When I told Tamar about this, she immediately said, “Hey, Nakedhead! The David A.M. Wilensky Story.”

I’ve been seriously considering changing the name of this blog lately. It has served me well, but it’s rarely about Reform anymore. Hey, Nakedhead! is definitely a front-runner.

Also in the running is a suggestion from an upset Jewish Christian (…!) who wants for the URJ to accept her (…!). When I told her she’s not a Jew in this comment thread on an old post that has suddenly become quite lively again, she told me I was being intolerant and that I should call myself “The Reform Schmuckle.” So consider The Reform Schmuckle in the running for the new title of this blog as well.


8 responses to “Hey, Nakedhead! The David A.M. Wilensky Story

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  3. I would like to put my enthusiastic vote in for Hey Nakedhead! Best of all, you will be able to remember that guy every time you see your own blog title.

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  5. “Hey, Nakedhead! The David A.M. Wilensky Story.” definetly needs to be the new name of your blog!

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