Limmud NY Notes: Pirkei Avot 2:15

I swear I'm gonna write this review one of these days.

I went to Limmud NY 2011 and wrote a lot of posts about it. Here’s a guide to them.

At lunch the other day at Limmud NY, I was discussing whether a successful, charismatic leader will be inevitable corrupted by their success, as well as some related themes, with Shir Yaakov and some other folks that I didn’t know. (Which, by the way, is one of the great things about Limmud NY–deep, heady, interesting conversations with people that you have no other reason and never will have any other reason to be eating lunch with.)

Then, on the bus back, I was reading “Pirke Avot: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Life” by William Berkson when I came across part of PA 2:15, which he calls 2:15B. Here’s the translation, by William along with Menachem Fisch:

Warm yourself at the fire of the wise, but be careful of their glowing coals, lest you be burned;

For their bite is the bite of a jackal, their sting is the sting of a scorpion, their hiss is the hiss of a serpent, and all their words are like burning coals.

So, this post is for you, Shir Yaakov–and those other people we were eating with.

Also, William, you should definitely come to Limmud NY next year and present some sessions. Limmud NYks will love your stuff.


3 responses to “Limmud NY Notes: Pirkei Avot 2:15

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  2. David, I’d be delighted to.

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