Tu biSh- Tu biShvat is here / Time for trees and time for cheer / …

A Tu biShvat Seder plate, from bj.org

I cannot explain why Alvin and Chipmunks singing about Christmas popped into my head as I wrote the title of this post. It just happened.

Anyway, here’s a great post with some background on Tu biShvat from the blog Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism.

Among other things, the post says:

Tu B’Shevat is to tithing what Dec. 31st is to our fiscal year – the time to close out the books.

I’ve been thinking a lot about finances lately. Thanks to advice from my finance rabbi (are you reading this, Ben?), I bought a book that’s really helped me get my budget in order and taught me how to not be stupid with money. I’ve also been thinking about how to set aside money for Tzedakah and where and how to give it once it’s been set aside. (Thanks, BTW to ER, Simon Greer, Bodie, and Shai Held for a cool session on the subject last weekend at Limmud NY 2011.)

The way JMMM worded it, it got me thinking about when to do giving. Many Tzedakah-givers do most of their giving at the end of the year all at once. But, given this sort of tithing fiscal year situation, why not do your annual giving around Tu biShvat?


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