A new name for this blog?

Friends, this blog was once LIVE FROM ISRAEL: David Says Things. It was briefly The Donkey’s Mouth. Since my first Limmud NY, it’s been The Reform Shuckle. But I think it’s time once again for a change. You may have already noticed the new sub-title at the top of the blog: “Siddurim Dissected | Ritual Reviewed | Liturgy Learnt | Thoughts Thunk”

I’m thinking about a new title that would suggest as many of the following things as possible:

  • Identifiably David A.M. Wilensky-esque things/attributes/whatever
  • Reviews of rituals and services
  • Liturgy
  • Siddurim
  • Wandering
  • Pluralism
  • Non-denominationalism
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Not wearing a kipah

So here are some I’m options I’m toying with. Input from any of y’all is greatly appreciated. UPDATE: I’m adding tallies below of the ones y’all like and don’t like and I’m adding your suggestions too. All additions to the post are in italics.

  • The Wandering Davener | 1 vote | 1 hate
    • Tefilat Haderech (Suggested by BZ, who adds, that it’s “a loose translation of The Wandering Davener.” If I go with this one, it would be something like, “Tefilat Haderech: The Wandering Davener.”) | 1 vote
      • This also makes me think of something playing off of the line “Va’ani tefilati,” which can be translated as “I am my prayer.”
      • Siddurim HaDerech (suggested by Geoff, playing off of BZ’s Tefilat Haderech suggestion)
        • Siddurim BaDerech (from me, but based on Geoff’s idea)
  • The Wandering Shuckler
  • Hatless Dave | 2 votes
  • The Hatless MOT
  • The Hatless Davener
  • The Ballpoint Davener |1 hate
  • The Jew in the Pew | 1 vote
  • Hey Nakedhead! (I’m kind of serious about this) | 2 votes
  • The Reform Schmuckle (I’m not at all serious about this)
  • The Nussach Massacre (suggested by Chajm, hilarious!)
  • Suggestions from Geoff, who is way into this:
    • The Annotated Minyan
    • Sidduraica (This reminds me of Sidduri, a children’s siddur published by the Conservative movement that I have a copy of in my collection.)
    • Holds by the G”RA (I’m not serious about this suggestion, but it is hilarious, Geoff!)
      • This one does remind me of the term Litvak, though. By my last name and also by general patience for chassidut, I am a Litvak. I used to say that I was Reform Litvak.)
    • David’s Davenology | 1 vote
  • Suggestions from Yaakov Wolf:
    • The Yarkmulke Not Worn
    • The Tzitzit Liberation Front
    • Fringes For All!

Again, your feedback would be much appreciated. Any names in this list you like? Any you hate? Any other suggestions? Any other attributes of this blog you think I should emphasize?


21 responses to “A new name for this blog?

  1. Love: Hatless Dave, Hey Nakedhead! (both are short, memorable, catchy, effective.)

    Hate: The Wandering Davener (sounds bad, hard to say, and not easy to remember!), The Ballpoint Davener (clunky).

  2. I like The Wandering Davener because this is why I read your blog (and because of the articles about several siddurim) .

    What about nussach massacre? ;-)

  3. Tefilat Haderech (a loose translation of The Wandering Davener)

  4. “The Annotated Minyan”
    “Siddurim [minyanim/daveners?] of Note”
    “Holds by the G”RA”

  5. “David’s Davenology”

  6. I second “David’s Davenology”

  7. OK, friends! Thanks for all of the input so far. I look forward to more. I’m adding your suggestions to the post above and I’m also adding a running tally of the ones y’all like and the ones y’all hate.

  8. I think Tefilat haDerekh is made of win.

  9. Mishkan Non-denom.
    The Yarmulke Not Worn.
    The Tzitzit Liberation Front.
    Fringes For All!

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of Hey Nakedhead.

  10. I really like Tefilat Haderech: The Wandering Davener, because it describes what this blog has evolved into: Mostly reviews of prayer experiences at various places along with a journey through various siddurim.

    I don’t like Hey Nakedhead at all. It has a negative connotation.

  11. All Tzitzit and No Kippah?

    I have to say that Tzitzit Liberation Front gave me a good laugh.

  12. David: Think about keeping Reform Shuckle. Continuity is a good thing, including enabling people to find your blog. But if you must, Tefilat Haderech: The Wandering Davener, strikes me as the best choice. Appreciate your blog. Any updates on the upcoming Koren siddurim? Bob White

  13. I love Hey Nakedhead! I also like Tiferet Haderech: The Wandering Davener.

  14. Wasn’t this site also call the “The Lone Star of Jersey” for a short period? Not relevant to the discussion but I mention it for the historical record.

  15. I vote strongly for The Reform Litvak. While the R-word remains problematic for you, my guess is that it will never fully go away. But that you will always retain your Litvakness is incontestable. The title sets you up to be skeptical about all matters of thngs. And it’s less egotistical than, say, The Vilda (sic) Gaon.

  16. “Holds by the G”RA (I’m not serious about this suggestion, but it is hilarious, Geoff!) ”

    Glad to be of service! I was hoping against hope that at least one person would get the joke.

  17. How bout The Progressive Litvak’s Davenology?

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