Biblical Hebrew, Tanakh tabs, etc.

Aside from the Biblical Hebrew independent study, I'm also taking Digital Photography, so let's hope the quality of these photos starts improving.

I’m doing an independent study this semester in Biblical Hebrew with an adjunct from the Theological School, our United Methodist seminary here at Drew. Her name is Suzanne Horn. She’s a Christian, so I think we’ll end up learning plenty from each other.

Anyway, for the independent study, I ordered a Koren Tanakh–the Hebrew-only variety. Above, you can see it on the left. Next to it is my JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh. I bought that trusty little volume before I went to Israel for the fall semester of my senior year of high school, which means I’ve been toting it around in my bag for four and half years now. It’s looking, as you can see, a little worse for the wear.

When it was about a year old, I bought the Bible tabs you can see lolling about on the edges of the pages. They’re one of the most useful little investments I’ve ever made. At the Chavurah (hit mute on your computer if you click on this link!), when we’re all flipping about trying to find the Haftarah, I’m always the first one there.

But I’d really like to get Hebrew tabs for my new Koren Tanakh. As far as I can tell, no one makes them. It seems like JPS should, but they don’t. And it seems like Koren could, but they don’t either.

I could make my own by buying some binder tab things from an office supply store and then printing them out on my computer, but they wouldn’t be small or durable enough.

So, does anyone know if someone makes them? And does anyone have any thoughts on fabricating them nicely?

PS–That’s my Moshe Rabbeinu non-piggy bank to the right of the monitor in the picture above. He has a slot in his back where you can put coins. And on the base it says INVESTS, but Jesus may save, but Moses… well, you know.


9 responses to “Biblical Hebrew, Tanakh tabs, etc.

  1. I have an entirely different proposal – I use a Koren Classic Chumash/Shabbat Siddur. I made three ribbon bookmarks for it, threaded up through the spine, held by a knot and a daub of krazy glue. I mark the Parsha with one bookmark, the Haftarah with the second, and my place in the service with the third. It makes things oh so easy.

  2. Oh, which grammar will you be using?

  3. Hi David,

    It would be great if we at JPS could come with a tab-system for the Tanakh. I just don’t know if that will happen anytime in the near future!

    Your JPS is certainly a little beat up. I’d love to replace it for you as a token of appreciation for the shout-out. Granted, you’ll have to re-tab the whole thing. Either way, a new one is yours if you want it.

    Just send me an email with your address, and I’ll get it right out to you!

    -Alx Block, JPS.

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