In other news, I’m a legitimate journalist

It’s official: I am the best college editorial writer in New Jersey. Also, the JTA pays me the big bucks!

First, the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association awards:

The NJCPA announced winners of its annual newspaper competition this week. Work created between from Feb. 2010 through Feb. 2011 was eligible for submission, so our submissions from The Acorn here at Drew University included selections from spring of 2010, which was part of my term as editor in chief. The rest of that time period, I have been a weekly columnist and the features editor.

The Acorn won first place for General Excellence. I won first place for editorial writing for these two columns: “Muslims: Give them some space” and “This column is not a professional one.”

It is an absolute crime that Melissa Hoffman only took home second place for editorial cartooning for these two gems:

From "Hipsters invade, not enough PBR"

From "Incomplete diversity"

Two of our photographers also took home awards:

By Sarah Schanz-Bortman from "Crunch! Ouch!" When the judges see these, they're looking at PDFs of the print edition that we submit. I laid out the page this was on, wrote that genius headline and picked this photo out.

By Arvolyn Hill from "In CLA, still playing catch-up," the last part in a four-week Black History Month series of features on diversity at Drew that Arvy--also the photographer here--and I came up with. I edited the whole series, which turned out better than either of us anticipated. A lot of folks in the office didn't want to use this photo, but we pushed for it and we ended up using it on the front page to awesome effect.

It’s interesting that we placed in one writing category, editorial writing, but we still won general excellence. I’m still piecing that together.

And in other news, my dad–who y’all may know as Harold, a regular commenter on this blog–informs me that the Austin Jewish Outlook, my hometown federation paper, has printed my review for the Jewish Telegraph Agency of a new interfaith haggadah by Cokie and Steve Roberts, though I can’t find it on the Outlook‘s site or on the JTA site.

If you see it pop up in your fed paper, lemme know! I wanna know how many of them decided to print it.

Shabbat Shalom, y’all


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