A Week of Things I Like, Day 1

In an effort to be less… well, hateful, I guess… I’m declaring this week to be A Week of Things I Like here on my blog. You read that right folks–this week will be focused entirely on things that I like.

FAQs about A Week of Things I Like:

1. David, isn’t a little numerically inaccurate to call this a list of frequently asked questions about A Week of Things I Like when you wrote these questions before you even finished writing the post that declared this week to be A Week of Things I Like?


2. You don’t always post even once a week, so what does it really mean for you to have declared this week to be A Week of Things I Like?

This week, I’m committing myself to posting at least once a day from now until Shabbat. Each of these daily posts will be exclusively about things that I like. I will not criticize anything on this blog this week. (Watch that statement come back bite me in the ass on Thursday or something.)

3. David, as a longtime reader of this blog, I’m not sure what the point of this is. Isn’t being critical kind of your thing?

Unfortunately, yes, it has become my thing. But I’ve becoming convinced of late that I need to be more positive about some things. I’ve been trying to be more balanced lately and, as a part of that, I have decided to do a whole week exclusively about things I like here at the blog.

Point is, I like this blog, I like all of you that read it and I especially like your comments.

I also like the picture below. I promise a post of more substance tomorrow.


3 responses to “A Week of Things I Like, Day 1

  1. I’ll give you an immediate “gotcha.” Your opening post is unduly self-critical! The job of a critic is havdala, separating between the good and the bad. The Torah of the Lord may be perfect, but nothing else is. (Well, maybe present company excepted.) I look forward to your string of affirmative posts.

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