Wait. What?


Spotted in the CCAR Press ad in the summer issue of the Jewish Review of Books


3 responses to “Wait. What?

  1. For when you don’t want to be seen reading Mishkan T’filah.
    I like they they offer an untransliterated edition, though.
    I feel strangely drawn to this.

  2. I used this for the first time this past week at Kutz. It’s interesting. From an educational perspective, it’s fantastic with how it prompts further and deeper engagement with the text. David, as someone who is known for writing in the margins of siddurim, you might actually like this…

    That said, it feels a little bit like a school text book at times, and I imagine it might even be distracting from the act of praying.

    There’s a distinction between actually praying and thinking academically or spiritually about prayers. I can’t speak for everyone who uses this, but for me, this version of the siddur misses the point on that mark.

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