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Lady tzitzit

It’s a given that every time I post about tzitzit here at The Shuckle, there is at least one comment from a woman who wants to wear or does wear tzitzit, but feels some degree of discomfort with idea. So … Continue reading

Annual Tzitzit check-up

It’s been four years and one month since I started wearing tzitzit daily. A few times a year, I do a little check-up on my tzitzit practice here at The Shuckle. The latest is actually a comment that I just … Continue reading

The secret to keeping your tzitzit clean and untangled

Over a year ago, at LimmudNY 2008, Yoni, one of the caterers, wondered aloud to me about why I wore tzitzit, but no kipah. It was a pretty standard conversation. At Limmud, it’s a conversation I have four or five … Continue reading

My partner in tzitzit

At dinner tonight I ran into a guy I’ll call Mikey C. I’m not Mikey C’s biggest fan. He is an active Hillel member, the President of Campus Republicans, and pretty obnoxious. The following is verbatim, I swear to God. Continue reading

Assface and the Tzitzit

At the end of a long, balance-throwing walk down a floating and haphazardly lashed together boardwalk, a friend helped me lift my burdensome cooler onto the boat. The party boat, still tied up to this bobbing dock, was about to … Continue reading

Kippot and my commute, part II; New Jersey Jewish News, part II

Kippot and my commute, part I New Jersey Jewish News, part I This morning, as I emerged in Penn Station from my New Jersey Transit train from South Orange, a woman and her grown son stopped me and said, “Excuse me, … Continue reading

I don’t just write the news–I am the news!

The New Jersey Jewish News has honored me with a profile and a really great mugshot. Johanna Ginsberg, one of their staff writers (and a member of Beth El–these people are over the place!) stopped by one morning last week to … Continue reading

I need teddy bears on my kippah

This morning, on the 2 train, around Park Place: A younger guy with his 3- or 4-year-old kid got on the subway, both wearing solid black kippot, tzitzit hanging out, payot tucked behind their ears, etc. They came to sit … Continue reading

LimmudPhilly: “Hey, Nakedhead!” guy strikes again

I went to LimmudPhilly and wrote a bunch of posts. Here’s a guide to them. The same deranged jackass who inquired of me, “Hey, Nakedhead! Where’s your kippah?” at Limmud NY struck again at LimmudPhilly. Not only was he lurking … Continue reading

Black Israelites!

I’ve heard of the Black Israelites before, but this article in The Forward from a couple of days ago is the most in-depth piece I’ve ever read about them. Here’s the video that goes with the article: The lost tribes … Continue reading