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I started writing for Jewschool regularly in March of 2009. All of my Jewschool posts can be found here. At Jewschool, I crosspost some things from here at The Shuckle about ritual and liturgy, as well as covering Jewish music and culture and books and some other stuff that falls out of my head on occasion.

“The most important thing happening online in the Jewish community
today.” –Noted Jewish sociologists Ari Kelman & Steven M. Cohen

Rated “the third most influential faith blog” by The Times of London

Jewschool is the web’s leading source for alternative Jewish views and culture. Winner of eight Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards, Jewschool has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Gothamist, and countless Jewish publications for its coverage of the cutting edge of Jewish community today.

I’m a Twit!

I’m tweeting Jewishly and daily as @davidAMwilensky.


I used to be a contributor to RJ.org, the official blog of the Reform movement in North America. You can see everything on RJ.org by me here.

New Voices

New Voices is a student-run Jewish magazine. I started tweeting and writing for New Voices in 2010 and became Editor at Large not long after.

And More!

I’m always looking for more writing oppurtunities in Jewish media. Contact me with ideas at davidamwilensky[at]gmail[dot]com.


9 responses to “David Elsewhere

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  8. Have not had a chance to read very thoroughly, but it looks as if we’ve been covering some similar topics on our blogs and have at least some concerns/opinions in common. Look forward to reading more after the holiday. FWIW, your blog and mine — songeveryday.wordpress.com — came up alone together, when I was searching out material on Mishkan T’filah. (and BTW: I daven at a Reform service but carry Eit Ratzon with me.)

    — Beruriah Avniel aka Virginia Spatz

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