Praise for David and The Shuckle

The following quotes have been taking wildly out of context. Welcome to the internet.

“As I have come to know David, I have realized that he tells it the way he sees it and pulls no punches.”

-Matt Grob, Limmud NY Board

“If given a choice between praying in a minyan with David Wilensky (who I’ve never actually met) as the ShaTz, and praying with a congregation with a fully invested cantor who has a voice like Pavorati, I gotta tell you I’m going to go daven with David, even if his claim is true that he can’t carry a tune.”

-Randi Thompson, iWorship listerve

“What you’re essentially doing with your blog is creating a Zagat Rating for syngogues. You should give out a sticker.”

-Jesse Paikin, cool person

“With the help of Rabbis Sarason, Geringer, Washofsky, and the various contributors to, I now align myself as a Wilensky-ite.”

“David Wilensky […] ALWAYS asks himself and […] the right questions, and always insists that they be answered in the light of Jewish sources.”

-Larry Kaufman, North American board of the Union for Reform Judaism, national board of the Association of Reform Zionists of America, executive committee of the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s North American Council, other impressive things, etc.


3 responses to “Praise for David and The Shuckle

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  2. David knows what he’s talking about, even when he doesn’t. He’s like the Chuck Norris of Jewish knowledge.

  3. Kudos on the new look (or am I supposed to say Word?) I spotted GOP and UPB in the masthead photo, but no MT. Is that a statement or a happenstance?

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