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I need teddy bears on my kippah

This morning, on the 2 train, around Park Place:

A younger guy with his 3- or 4-year-old kid got on the subway, both wearing solid black kippot, tzitzit hanging out, payot tucked behind their ears, etc. They came to sit next to me and I noticed that the little boy’s kippah had four plastic teddy bear buttons sown on around the edge.

I told the dad I thought the teddy bears were great.

He passed to compliment on to his son, “Hey, he likes your yamukkah.”

Then he turned back to me and said, with a little smirk, “It’s the only way we could get him to wear it.”

“They still can’t get me to wear one,” I said.

His reply: “Maybe you need teddy bears on your yamukkah.”