A Condensed Resume

This is a kind of resume-ish thing. Think of it as the condensed version of my resume. A full version is available on request, by emailing me at davidamwilensky[at]gmail[dot]com.


NFTY EIE High School Semester in Israel, Fall 2006

Drew University class of 2011, Religious Studies

The Acorn, Drew University’s Student Newspaper

Assistant Copy Desk Chief, September 2007-April 2008

Life & Arts Editor, April 2008-April 2009

Editor in Chief, April 2009-April 2010

Features Editor, April 2010-present

Weekly Columnist, April 2010-present

Jewish Work Experience

Congregation Beth Israel, Austin TX, religious school

Kutz: NFTY’s Campus for Reform Jewish Teens, three summers

Limmud NY Intern, September 2008-January 2009

Limmud NY Program Assistant, February 2009-January 2010

Blogging and Other Writing

Blogging since Fall 2006

Jewschool Contributor, February 2009-present

New Voices Magazine Contributor, March 2010-present

New Voices Magazine Editor at Large, July 2010-present


8 responses to “A Condensed Resume

  1. Dear David, i’m not sure how i ended up here in your blog – i think i was sent here via a blog called Sustainable Judaism. The points are a) i read about your Rosh Hashanna experiences on Lotan, b) i think that the woman you called rainbow has moved on to higher levels of experincing the universe (well, at least north) and c) please send my regards to Kutz – Eve, Paul R. if he shows up…i was staff there in 1980. And keep your eye open for Almog from Lotan.
    Have a great summer, Alex
    PS Please tell couselors to check out our Green Apprenticeship program! http://www.kibbutzlotan.com

  2. Avi Steinhardt

    Hello David and all-

    Thought you would be interested in a different musical taste on liturgy me and friends have been working on-


    Its prayers with a bit of soul.

  3. Alex- I’m glad to here Rainbow continues to evolve. Eve is no longer here, but she’ll be here for Alumni Day tomorrow. Paul was here the other day. I was sad to miss his Rolling Judean Hills speech. I met Almog. Nice kid.

  4. Hey Dave- just found the blog and really like it- wondering if we could do a blogroll link exchange- although your getting linked no matter what.


  5. glad to see other pluralist jews dissatisfied with what is “supposed” to be the most “welcoming” branch of our religion.

    yasher koach. i’ll be reading.

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  7. I found you in a Google search for lists of blessings to show my kids. I can tell I am going to enjoy your blog and exploring the list you provide of other Jewish blogs. Aloha from Hawaii.

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